Put your identity on lock down. Stop account and password hackers dead in their tracks with the AXISKEY. Establish your own personal ultrasonic cyber-perimeter defense system. Deploy our biometric key fob to guard your online life. Securing your world is as simple as swiping your finger. Defend yourself and your family today!

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With the AXISKEY biometric solution, you'll never have to remember a password again. Just keep the AXISKEY on your keychain, link your accounts, and swipe to login. Security has never been so simple.


Guard your online life with the same level of care that you protect your family and home. Get your AXISKEY today and lock down access to email, banking, insurance and social media accounts.


Imagine a world where you no longer have to swipe or insert a card. Imagine never having to ask for receipts or calculate tips. Imagine never having to sign your signature or show an ID.

What folks are saying!

"$13.3 Billion was reported lost from Identity Theft in 2010 alone." US Department of Justice

"Our passwords are failing us." Michael Barrett, PayPal’s Chief Security Officer

"76% of all data breaches were enabled by weak credentialing and user authentication." Verizon 2013 Data Breach Investigation Report

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